North Chelmsford home


North Chelmsford Home Update

Project Kompass is excited to announce the completion of renovations to our first transitional home and staff offices on Middlesex St, North Chelmsford.

The facility was purchased mid 2020 and while it was clearly perfect for our mission, it required upgrades and changes in order to meet our specific needs and provide the comfort, security and home environment we were seeking for our incoming residents.

This home is HUGE with 10+ bedrooms, multiple offices and training rooms, gathering spaces, two full kitchens and several baths. We can comfortably support more than a dozen residents with plenty of space to provide the programming that will ultimately enable our young people to successfully transition to permanent housing independence.

The work performed during the last few months was nothing short of amazing. Our wonderful team of 25 volunteers painted, decorated, repaired and upgraded the entire home. We will be forever grateful for their dedication and tireless efforts despite the ongoing pandemic.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!